Our Services

Wealth Creation

Most of our clients manage their own business. We work closely with our accountancy connections to support and advise clients on how best to create wealth through saving tax and sheltering assets.

The role of the business owner is tough, challenging and often lonely. We aim to understand the objectives of clients and assist them to navigate towards their goals often through treacherous waters.

Many clients start out with an ambition, ability and determination. Sound financial planning can help enormously towards achieving the happy ending as painlessly as possible.

“Our approach is to understand your circumstances and objectives, explain how they can be achieved and how we are going to manage the journey.”

So many clients when they have realised their goals say “wish I had taken the right advice earlier and not wasted time and money, life would have been so much easier”

We aim to combine practical experience with technical know-how to help your business journey.

Our client base covers everything from farmers to fund managers and footballers to stuntmen!

Every client is different with a different story so we provide a bespoke service to help them progress through their journey.

Wealth Protection

Encompassing both shareholder protection, keyperson and other assurances required to ensure that your family and fellow business owners are protected in the event of premature death or illness.

All too often this vital defensive planning is neglected at a terrible price when tragedy strikes. In the current market,  adequate levels of protection can be arranged at very reasonable cost.

Wealth Management

Our approach is to understand your circumstances and objectives, explain how they can be achieved and how we are going to manage the journey.

Thankfully investment products now offer greater value for money than ever thanks to increased transparency and lower charges driven by the RDR (Retail Distribution Review) in 2013. We ensure that you are in the right tax wrappers and a portfolio that ties in with your risk profile, timeframe and income requirement.

The only constant is change so we keep things as fluid as possible to deal with changing circumstances.

Wealth Preservation

The decumulation phase  presents its own investment challenge when you stop working as your investments must be positioned to ensure you enjoy the retirement you deserve without worrying about that the money will run out.

We do cash flow modelling to monitor the income levels that can realistically be generated by portfolios. This is increasingly important given the recent removal of pension income restrictions.

Inheritance tax planning is also a vital area where good planning can preserve your wealth for the next generation.